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Our programs will help provide opportunities not otherwise offered by the foster care system. Think.Love.Smart™ wants to broaden their experience by counteracting the effects of institutionalization. By introducing them to programs and our Mentor Team in a natural setting without creating a feeling of obligation, it will enhance their curiosity and desire to fulfill the void of negligence by replacing it with a well balanced and nurtured relationship with a Mentor. We strive to provide learning experiences both educational and relational to transitioning out of foster care. There are several programs catered specifically to each need of our girls, taught in a relaxed setting, by using innovative and hands-on techniques. These programs challenge our girls while enjoying them simultaneously. Listed are only a few of our standout programs that have continued to make a huge difference in the lives of our foster girls! 


Each year thousands of teenagers are released from the foster care system without a high school diploma. Our mentors help foster children stay on track academically by teaching good study habits, organizational skills, advocate for them with school personnel, and instill a life long love for learning. often fall behind when they enter the foster care system.


Here teens can learn the skills of effective self-advocacy, and become better prepared for the transition out of foster car to full independence. We focus on independent living skills, housing, home economics, and higher education and vocational training.

(Think)College & Career Development

Without proper planning, we are planning to fail. This program prepares the youth for life after high school. We teach goal setting, how to study more efficiently, how to become more skillful communicators, business etiquette and job preparation skills. We also provide them access to career panels, college and corporation tours, college prep workshops and financial aid/scholarship information.

Think Outside the Box 

Teaches cultural diversity, tolerance and exposes the girls to people, places, and things they may have never experienced. As it broadens their frame of reference, it encourages them to view the world through a wider lens, and teaches that beauty can exist in many different forms.

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