Dallas, TX, USA



The Founder

Think.Love.Smart™was founded with one hope and vision by, Ericka Ellis. Marked by her own experience as a former foster child, she understands how damaging being placed in one home after another can be on a young girl; emotionally and mentally. Many have experienced sexual, physical and mental abuse and exposed to many other dangerous and disheartening situations, thus resulting in a lack of self-love and self-worth. Having to learn these things the hard way, Ericka is dedicated to helping our young foster youth develop a love with themselves, boost self-confidence and increase productivity academically. When these things connect mentally for anyone, they become unstoppable. With love, guidance, authenticity and mentorship, Ericka hopes to change lives from the inside and out and reverse many of the negative statistics associated with girls in foster care.

She believes that when we reach out to our foster girls and help them succeed, we strengthen the very communities they originate from, thus having a domino affect for generations to come. Learn more about our founder at www.erickaellis.com


The Vision

With Think.Love.Smart., I am driven by a single goal: to do my part in making the world a better place for all; specifically our girls in foster care. I strive to equip our girls to be productive women, to develop healthy relationships and make a positive impact in the world with their gifts and talents.